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im2MT-Studio (Architectural Service Center) offers the full package of designing of any building:

  • sketch project
  • sketch project
  • constructional project

It is important for our company to design and construct any building on your demand following all norms and standards of construction safety. Your apartments and offices will be designed and decorated quickly and with high quality by our designers. Your offices, houses and cottages will be furnished quickly and with taste by our team. We install pools, as well. It’s up to your wish and we shall cope with everything quickly and with high quality.


im1Working on the project begins with studying the site and drawing up a measurement drawing.

This is followed by elaboration of a probable layout and a budget.

After agreement with the client  in advance, a main architectural part of the project is made, cold and hot water pipelines are laid, telephone, television and other communication networks are arranged.

All these will be given in engineering-technical documents.


im3On the following stage the period of construction is determined and the construction begins.

High quality materials are used.

Construction is carried out in compliance with all international standards.

Construction is finished within the period defined.


im4Interior design includes art and architectural approach by means of which we create noncompetitive product all over Georgia.

Our professionals will create 3D sketches and this will enable you to see your future apartment or any other building.

You can choose any variant of the sketches offered which will be carried out quickly and with high quality.


im5Our company constructs and arranges pools, saunas and Jacuzzi.

Our team will help you to select  the location, type, form of a pool, necessary accessories, finishing materials.

We will draw up a budget.

The work will be done quickly and with high quality.


im6On your demand our team of professionals will design and arrange cottages, offices and yards in reasonable prices.

First, 3D sketch is created which will enable you to see your future yard or any other place.

You can choose any variant of the sketches offered which will be carried out quickly and with high quality.